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Preparing your house for selling can be a daunting and overwhelming task. 

Taking a step back and thinking about your home as an investment for your future will help you to depersonalize the space

and broaden the appeal to your targeted market.



DE-PERSONALIZE   |  The primary objective of
home staging is to help prospective buyers visualize
the space as their own. You want to create a blank
canvas, with style and charm, but it should be
devoid of personal touches that suggest this home
belongs to the seller, not the buyer. 
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DE-CLUTTER  |  Space sells, make your home look
bigger and more desirable by editing down to just the
basics. You should pack up non-essencial items
including seasonal clothes, papers, games, and pretty
much anything else that you don’t need on a day to day
Buyers will be opening your closets to look at their
storage potential, so take time to remove as many of the 
non-crucial items as you can. The less clutter you’ve got
in the space, the bigger it will look and the more appealing
it will be to buyers. 


NEUTRALIZE |  Going neutral is a bit more 
time and cost intensive, but it can make a major
difference when it comes to your sale price and
time on the market. When you’re staging your
home to sell, one of the very best things you can
do is paint over any bold colors with neutrals, like
gray, white, and taupe.
Strong colors can distract from a room’s assets
and buyers will perceive them as the home’s past,
not it's future.





LIGHTING  |  Brighten dark rooms by letting
as much light shine in the house as possible or
by adding mirrors, they multiply the light coming
in and add depth. Open the blinds on all of the
windows, which will also make rooms seem bigger.
Make your home more welcoming by turning on
all the lights for showings, including lamps and
closet lights.




RE-ARRANGE  |  You want there to be as much open,
walkable space as possible. This helps buyers navigate
the space, and also helps them better visualize their own
furniture in each room.
Focus on getting rid of any oversized pieces, damaged
pieces, and those that that don’t match the rest of the
room. With the furniture that’s left, rearrange it to make
the room look and feel as spacious as possible.


CURB APPEAL  |  It's the first thing a buyer is
going to see when they walk up to your house,
you want the front entrance to make a strong
positive impression. Remove clutter and any
seasonal decorations. 
Add a touch of hominess to your front stoop
with a doormat and a potted plant or two.
Keep the space simple but welcoming to
suggest there's good things to come inside.




FRESH FOCUS  |  While too many extraneous items
in a home can detract from its perceived value, a few
healthy, well-placed plants and flowers can add life and
freshness into the space. Place a vase full of big, bright
flowers in the center of your kitchen table, a small potted
plant or some succulents in the living room, and perhaps
a larger potted plant in the corner of the living room as well.
Don’t have the time or green thumb to maintain fresh plants?
Fake plants will set the same atmosphere with less work.


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